Over the Misty Mountains Grim

By gregee123, in The Lord of the Rings - Print on Demand


So I managed to get my hands on the "Over Hill and Under Hill - Nightmare Deck" and I've noticed that "Over the Misty Mountains Grim" deck actually uses two deck symbols. First 10 cards (1/20 - 10/20) have what looks like a figure seen from afar with small trees in the background, remaining cards (11/20 - 20/20) have a goblin with a pony-tail.

I don't yet have the saga expansion itself so I can't check whether it's also the case with the "normal" deck.

Can anyone verify this?

First of all, you need to own the actual saga expansion in order to play the Nightmare decks because the Nightmare decks just replace some of the cards - or are simply added in - from the original decks (and some are just taken out in order to thin out the encounter deck).

Also, if you look at the actual quest 1A card , it has 4 symbols on it, meaning that you use cards from 4 different encounter sets. The reason you are seeing 2 symbols in the Nightmare decks is because you are replacing cards from 2 of those encounter sets.