Starter decks using core set and Secrets of Arkham

By Stinkatron5000, in Call of Cthulhu Deck Construction

Hi there,

Apologies if this comes across as laziness... I've really wanted to get into this game and bought SoA reprint after having a few games with the core set and enjoying it.

However, I have no experience of deck building. I set up to play a game last night with someone who had never played the game before and realised that without the element of pick two decks and half the neutrals I couldn't advise deck choices. We packed up and played something different.

I was wondering if anyone has some example/starter decks using these two sets that we could use to have some games before trying to modify and personalise?

Many thanks


Hi Stinks

If you'd like to bring your core set and SoA to IQ Games in Huddersfield, I'm happy to help you put some decks together.

Best wishes


That would be brilliant, thanks!

I try to get down there every other Thursday but I'm usually free at least one day at weekends.

I spoke the Stephen about hooking up with other CoC players so it's great to hear from you.