You are all busy playing the game and deserted the forum?

By SolennelBern, in Blue Moon Legends


I never played BM before and when I saw the announcement I thought the game look awesome. Now that it's released I don't see many posts about this game, probably you're all playing the hell out of it!

How is it?

I only own the old edition, but besides the drafting mode nothing changed in gameplay AFAIK. IMHO Blue Moon is an awesome game. Not as intimidating as normal CCGs, but with enough depth to keep you entertained for a very long time, especially once you start with deck building. Too bad that at least one people deck that was hinted in the flavour texts was never released

Bought Legends two days ago, game look awesome, can't wait to give it a try!

There is a lot more activity on the BoardGameGeek forum.

I just bought it (: I am looking forward to play it. The fact has rules for a draft with the box is amazing!!!

Yes, draft rules are cool. May I just say that this one is the worse rulebook in the whole FFG history? Terrible organization, horrible explanations and fundamental facts not clearly stated. Bah.

Anyhoo, played three games so far, not so sure if I like it or not.

Me and my brother have really liked it. It is very quick which is nice when we don't have time to play a full lcg game can get like 3 games in. But yes I have already found things in rule book that doesn't make sense. Like how you technically can't play a character if it can't match your opponents strength we house ruled it that you get to play cards tell your end of turn if you can match strength. Like if someone started a battle played a big guy with a support the other player with normal rules would already almost always lose, so we let you play out your turn if you can match strength. Idk if that is the correct rule though.

I am not positive about the balance we haven't played a ton yet but there does seem to be 3 very powerful decks and others that are just ok. But, the last few times we have used the draft rules it is fun even with only 2 people drafting which is not what I was expecting.

You have to be able to match your opponenst strenght in the corresponding phase. This can happen with a strong character, by discarding or ignoring part of his strenght, with cards that add to your strenght, have a shield icon, ...

You do NOT need to match the strength upon plaing the character only

The people decks are pretty well balanced, but some are FAR harder to play then others.

Also note that loosing a fight in the first turn still happens, sometimes even voluntarily to get rid of strong cards and only loose 1 dragon instead of 2 later on.

Yes I have given up a fight right away before but when someone plays lets say a 4 strength character and a 2 strength support its almost impossible to get to 6 strength with one character most of the time.

What do you mean exactly by matching during he corresponding phase?

That you don't check for matching power when you play the character (Character Phase) but at the end of the Power Phase, hence you have all the time to play Support or Booster cards before announcing your total power

ah okay so playing it right good (:


Slod my copy after a couple of games. I'm at a stage in my gaming life ( :P ) where I know right off the bat if i'll like a game or not. BML is really not for me, especially when I play CoC LCG and Netrunner...both of those games, while a lot more complex, offer so much more depth and gameplay fun that BML will just gather the dust. So I decided to sell it and I don't look back.

Yea I play all of the lcgs (besides invasion) however, I don't see this even as game competing for those spots. this is a game I can play with anyone not just someone that understands the lcgs and can play this game more on casual level....I will say though the draft rules really helps the game, it will probably be the only way ever play just more interesting that way.

The base came is really more on the family friendly side. However once you use deckbuilding with the Inquisitors this starts to change quite some, The German speaking community of BM had/has quite some tournaments going that were quite tense with the top players. BM might seem simplistic, but this is decieving IMHO.