Sacred Warrior

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Cartel Info File: 003
Unit Designation: "Sacred Warriors"
Faction: Brotherhood

Field Notes: No Megacorporation is unaware of the impressive training regimen and fanatical dedication possessed by the Sacred Warriors, the Brotherhood's elite shock troopers. No battlefield is too tainted by the Dark Legion, too fearsome, or too difficult for the Sacred Warriors. Their hatred for demon-kind knows no boundaries and despite the routinely brutal battlefields they're deployed to, the applicant queue to join the Sacred Warriors is never empty. They appear to be most effective in hand-to-hand combat against the demon hordes and can mount rapid battle-charges useful for establishing a quick spearhead in the heat of combat.

While these committed soldiers may find success against the Dark Legion’s fiendish forces, we’ve determined that they’re significantly less effective when facing their human brethren. Also, if they’ve not been inserted as a spearheading units, they take much longer to become truly mobilized. Some attribute their slow start, in these situations, to a proper lack of spiritual preparation.

Whatever the cause, when leading the charge against even the most horrific Dark Legion infestations, there’s no better Brotherhood unit on the battlefield.