H:Netrunner Promos, W: Playmats mostly!

By Kelfecil, in CoC Trade Forum

Hey everyone!
Here's what I got up for trade :
Haves :
  • x1 NBN Making News Alt.Art ID
  • x2 Noise Alt.Art ID
  • x3 Chaos Theory Alt.Art ID
  • x1 Kati Jones Alt.
  • x1 Adonis Campaign Alt.
Wants :
  • *** 2015 Store Champs Call Of Cthulhu Playmat ***
  • x1 Any Netrunner Regionals /Worlds Acrylic ID
  • Set of tokens from Worlds
  • Any Worlds Netrunner Playmat
  • Playmats from Star Wars/LotR/Call Of Cthulhu LCGs (any,make an offer)
  • Regionals 2013 CoC playmat
Less interested:
x1 Alt. Private Security Force
x1 Alt. Eli
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Bump! :D