First Thoughts?

By Eisenmerc, in The Last Banquet

Not a lot of detail to go on so far, but from what I've seen I'm already sold. Looks like an amazing social game. A game that can handle 25 players is rare indeed!

Its a game I really like. A bit on the complex side however as each character has its own abilities. So people often surprise you when they do stuff you haven't remembered, (Game is out from a different publisher in German for quite some time)

Sounds heavily inspired by this fantastic game but without the encouragement to wear costumes:

However, six games in 1 sounds great. Also, LLK didn't actually "play" with 30 people, it just let them have something to do. I'll be intereted to see if the 25 player mode of this game plays better.

I'm super interested.

I really don't see an opportunity to play this game outside of a convention. And I wonder how it would do with smaller groups.

Tho It is better then Mafia/Werewolf in that everyone is in the game until victory.

Renaisance fair. Halloween party, birthday party?

Office Christmas party.

You might be surprised.

The one thing that I'm wondering about is: If the King doesn't know who the assassins are, how can he really protect himself? I know he can give out tokens to suspected spies but I'm just concerned that it will be too easy to kill the king (in the first scenario). Any thoughts on this?

Deduction. If someone ends next to you suspicously often you better start to worry.