Q: Hunt Rules & Damage

By player377182, in War of the Ring

Hi, All--

Forgive me if I missed this in the rules or on the forums-- but we had a couple of questions come up during our first play around the Hunt rules.

Hoping someone can help shed some light--

In the game we played the FP player didn't move the fellowship for the first 3-4 turns. He simply sat them in Rivendell. We weren't sure how this would work-- since the rules state the Shadow player can hunt for the fellowship every time the fellowship moves (pg 19).

This leads to the first question--

1) If the FP player does NOT move the fellowship-- can the SP still hunt for it?

2) If the above is yes-- then if the fellowship is revealed by the Shadow player and inside a FP stronghold, does it take hunt damage?

In my example it would be let's say - revealed in Rivendell.


Also - does a Nazgul's leadership = 1?

Hunt rolls--in the vast majority of cases--are only applied if the Free Peoples moved The Fellowship that turn. And each Nazgul leadership = 1, except for The Witch King, whose leadership = 2.

Why am I replying to a topic 7 years after the fact? Another game I enjoy is being transferred from FFG to another publisher under Asmodee, much like War of the Ring prior to its 2nd edition and expansions. I'm checking to see if Forums can still be interacted with when the IP is "dead" and archived.