Looking For Help Creating A Nemesis

By Dex Vulen, in General Discussion

Our GM would like for us to come up with a nemesis, rival and some family and friends in our back story. Something for him to work with. I am having a hard time putting my finger on a nemesis with his background. A little help getting my wheels going would be great.

Couldn't figure out how to wrap it in a spoiler. Sorry! Thanks in advance for any help. (sorry for the player made town and planet. Not versed enough in SW lore.)

Growing up on the outskirts of Zheen on the savage planet Nakinna, Dex didn’t have much time for friends. When not out hunting, trapping or gathering fruits and nuts for the family, Dex found himself working for his father, Epp, in the repair shop. It wasn’t much, but between that and Dex’s foraging they were able to keep the family going. Dex would teach his little brother, Zeb, how to hunt and what items were edible when time permitted. Dex longed for more in life and at times was afforded a glimpse into a different world; a world of action, adventure and meaning.

Nakinna was well situated for the Empire, due to its location, for it to be used as a training area, stop over, resupply depot or even for soldiers to catch some much needed down time after long fights with the traitorous Rebels. When Dex would see the starships cross the pink sky heading towards Zheen, he would run into town to hear the soldiers’ talk of their exploits, gawk at their gear and dream of life elsewhere. He would dream of being off world and saving people from those that would bring nothing but harm to the glorious Empire and its way of life.

When Dex came of age, and with his father’s blessing, his dream was fulfilled; he joined the ranks of the Empire. Due to his background, Dex became an Assault Trooper and saw many battles against the Rebel Alliance. Dex even won a medal for bravery in an assault on a Rebel outpost. He made an enemy along the way, however. Cuzao Getz wanted badly to win the favor of his superiors, but Dex’s natural skills and dedication made that near impossible. Showing his combat prowess during battles, Dex was picked over Cuzao for a position with the Imperial Saboteurs.

On his first mission after training with the Saboteurs, Dex was forever changed. After placing his ordinance around a supposed Rebel command center, Dex saw the face of a young boy peer out of a window. It was then that the order to blow was given. Seeing what had happened to others for disobeying orders, Dex blew the building destroying all the occupants; to include the little boy. At that moment, Dex wanted nothing more to do with the Empire. The reality of what the Empire truly was came rushing at him like a Bantha protecting her young. Small details of previous missions that he must have blocked out started to flood his mind. He kept his cool and continued on with the rest of the mission. He told himself that at the first opportunity he had to “escape” the Empire he would.

Faking an emergency at home, Dex went on leave, never to return to his post. He left with much of nothing and headed for the rim. With the image of the little boys face haunting him, a backpack slung over his shoulder and a few coin in his pocket, Dex stepped off the starship The Winged Princess into…

How about,a person dex wronged, like a father of a rebel leader you killed once (or maybe of the boy!).this father then becomes a "mad bomber " type of guy,targeting empire troops or civilians,but putting you in the firing line.

Check out the film's die hard with a vengeance, and 12 rounds for the kinda bad guy I mean.