Rules Summary

By DiscoNouny, in Cold War: CIA vs KGB

I like your rules graphic. Very nice. Both your and the purchased rules don't really specify what to do when both Agent X cards are equal (same initiative value). It would be nice if there was a general rule, like, "the one without the domination token on the objective always goes first." However, that is not my real concern. This situation came up and it is probably due to imprecise language more than anything. The KGB had won the influence struggle and the KGB domination token was on the objective.
Agent X for the CIA was the Master Spy, which says that the CIA then claims the objective immediately. Which we did. Agent X for the KGB was the assasin which says (besides terminating the CIA Master Spy), that the objective goes face down on the deck. Now, if the domination token for the CIA is on the objective, then the KGB assasin has no effect, but the CIA Master Spy says merely to claim the objective--it leaves the question of the domination token up in the air. Does the assasin still kill the Master Spy? If so, then how does the Assasin do the rest of the action: put the objective on the bottom of the deck? Do they retrieve the objective from the master spy and bury it at the bottom of the deck? Or does the assasin have no power since the CIA master spy stole the objective and the domination token has essentially changed from KGB to CIA?

Thanks, it is a little confusing.