Fireborn community resources

By Helios Inferno, in Fireborn

I'm not sure if this will get any responce or is even the place to ask, but..

There is this small fan community at which has been collecting and making available various resources for Fireborn.

IT has quite a few things on there, including various new fighting styles, backgrounds and the like..

But, I cannot seem to be able to register to it, which is required to get to some of the downloadable goodies such as the various fan made character sheets, the Lost lore pdf, and other misc documents.

Anyone who already has an account there or otherwise knows if the resources can be found somewhere else?

Thanks in advance!

As is presumed dead..

Perhaps it does give way to promoting a place of my own, which may occasionally give way towards some Fireborn resources for use in the game as well as links to various places.

It's a google+ community, but as it's public, everyone SHOULD have access to the links for various resources/info, as well as be able to access the (incomplete) attempts at making a character generator in Excel. (with what limited Excel knowledge I have..)

At the very least, I hope it becomes an easy collective for wherever info on Fireborn can be found.

Bumping the thread to add;

All the resources of the community/message board recently where made available again!

Just go over to the G+ community for the link.

(there are some awesome costum character sheets available)

We starting to get some interesting bits on there as well now, with an Author which is spending some of her time writing up an adventure (soon to be made into pdf), and trying to keep it updated with other useful links.

I wouldn;t call it all a "revival" of Fireborn, but at elast it's showcasing people are still quite enthusiastic about it, and it's still being played!