Why so little hype?

By MisterMT, in Gearworld: The Borderlands

Interesting that a potentially rather interesting new FF Game appears to be generating so little interest.

I thought this looked pretty good - I love a crisp, negotiation-heavy, rules-light game - and pre-ordered, but am now feeling information starved. There seems to be rather little of the usual build-up… I wonder if it reflects a sense IN FFG that this will be a niche game at best?

I'm beginning to wonder if the game has been delayed… searching google suggested a May release date, but everything has gone completely quiet.

Delays seem like a good explanation. It's also a remake of an old game. They may not feel the need to preview it heavily since we can look up the original for information. I would love to hear more about this latest edition, though.

Gencon is coming up. All information dries up prior to gencon and then a flurry of announcements come out that week. Two steampunk games in 2013…*yawn*