Play testing?????

By dualflames, in The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus

Did you test this game? After several games I must have to say that the play testing was awful, not because of the mechanics but with the treasures. Why should a player expend time trying to open sarcophafus and expose himself to the mumies when the best treasures are in the pool or the sands? Play testers, did you really test it? I do not think so. enfadado

If you want to win these game forget about sarcophagus and go to the pool or the sands. There you can find the best treasures (treasures of 5 points and chests) without espending time, and without the problem of the mummies. My friends and I think that sarcophagus treasures should be better than the ones found at the pool and the sands. We recommend to increase their value in 3 points for side treasures and 4 points for front treasures. With this, you will find side treasures in a range of 4 to 8, and the front treasures in a range of 8 to 9. Keep idols treasure value. Without this no body will try to open a sarcophagus.

It is a shame but my friends told me they were not going to play anymore until it was not changed. Please review it. avergonzado_alegre

I think i got short for the front treasures. They should be increased in 5 points, so these treasures will be in a range of 9 to 10 as they are very difficult to get.

I think you have this all wrong. The sarcophagi along the side walls have a 1 in 5 chance of being a value 5 treasure, and yes as you mentioned the mummies are a threat, but you can easily avoid them because their movement is fixed (although the distance they move is random). The "better" treasures (as you claim) in the sand or the pool also have an unavoidable risk of taking a wound card from crocodiles or scorpions, and a much lower chance of getting a 5 value treasure (because the decks are larger than 5 cards).

To me, the risk/reward seems fairly balanced here. We've never had a problem. If you increased the value of the sarcophagi treasure as you suggest, nobody would ever bother searching for treasure in other areas. Two or three sarcophagi treasure would almost always win against a player who only searched for treasure in the other areas (entry, sand, pool).