General Mutant Chronicles Cmg discussion - New proud owner joins the forum, happy as hell over it!

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Hi, I just picked up the game a couple of days ago. I promised myself to spend a smaller fortune on this game, but I, for one, didn't like the formate change, since I would have played what I got out of the random packs in a mixed faction Humans Vs Demons game. (If I got Mitch Hunter, I would have played him as leader for Brotherhood soilders, Bauhaus and so on...).

Now, I'm not pissed at this game anymore and bought a Starter Set and some War packs from the first Wave, which is all that has hit Sweden this far (I realy hate the distruibution lameness...). I got:

13th Banshee Division Warpack
Advanced Recon Warpack

Nepharite Overlords Warpack
Warmaster's Legions Warpack

Karak's Curse Warband
Golem of Ice

Boy it all did cost money! I like the Rangers, but don't like the look of Capitol Banshee and Great Grey - probably they are fun to play though.

Since I am swedish and love the concept world of Mutant Chronicles in general, I know stuff that I think could have been clearer described in the Rule book, when it comes to how war in MC is functioned on a more social level, between the factions, humans and demons/mutants.

You can eather play it:
Humans Vs Demons
Humans Vs Humans
Demons Vs Demons

As in old Warzone. You can play it with pure factions lets say Capitol Vs Bauhaus, or Algeroth Vs Ilian, or you can play it mixed Humans Vs Demons, which is the only restriction that you cannot mix humans and demons on one side.
Both Mich HUnter and Max Steiner works for the Cartel - which is a faction mixture formed into all Humans Vs all Demons, as the Brootherhood also function: to unite man against their shared enemy.

So, what I have bought I have now three factions, where I can mix Algeroth and Ilian, or have them sepparate in a three faction war where all are enemies. This could have been highlighted in the Rule book. It is a way to use it, so you not only play it 1on1. As the Megacorporations aren't at all friends, nor are the demon factions friends... Algeroth an Ilian distrust eachother, or even hate eathother in a endless war for power among the five apostels. The same goes with the nepharite overlords. They could argue and fight among eachother and you could have an Algeroth Vs Algeroth war between the two of them.

Since you can't have both the Karak heretic and the Nepharites togheter in a faction, which are the only three unique characters I own, I think I will - when I play it 3on3 - have Karak, Golem, Ezo, and alla Necromutants in the Ilian faction. The rest: Alashai, Golgotha, Techron, Technomancers together in the Algeroth faction. The techrons is to obvious in the Algeroth faction. They are the guys who mutates dead human bodies into necromutants. (Did you know, that all the dead enemies in are mutated humans? This includes all the nepharites, the heretic Karak, the tekrons - all of them where once humans who went over to the Dark side, died and got mutated and so on... Only the Apostels are demons, or an alien force of some sort. The Dead Legion, the foot soldiers are all undead humans.)

I will deffinetly pick up the Brotherhood Nicodemus, Hunter, and Steiner when - if ever - they get released. Acctually, it is all about the unique characters when it comes to the narrative of the Mutant Chronicles universe: they are the heroes, the subjects of the universe. The rest, the armies are their humble objects as cannon fodder. That is why you can mix the factons so easily. That is why it is sooo important that FFG release the three remaining. I could live with only that, if this game is cancelled. If FFG release all the unique characters, Hunter, Nicodemus and Steiner along with the 3rd Wave (or is it the fourth?) this game is forfilled - Imho.

FFG did a good job on this one. It is hard to break into another market - and I believe that the slow third part production of the miniatures is what put this game into a perplex situation. The rest did the finansial crisis - which alone makes a luxury game like MC Cmg hard to conqure and master the market.

Have faith in this game. If we get the next wave with the uniqu characters - this game will be 99% completed, although not all 50 minis hits the store shelves, or not. Thanks FFG for a cool game, it seem fun, it looks good - and I will for sure play this game with my girl friend and friends 1on1, 3on3 and buy lots of stuff of the wave coming to Sweden in mars, they say:

Fantasy Flight Games: Mutant Chronicles: 13th Banshee Division Warpack
Fantasy Flight Games: Mutant Chronicles: Advanced Recon Warpack
Fantasy Flight Games: Mutant Chronicles: Battlesuit Prototype
Fantasy Flight Games: Mutant Chronicles: Bio Giant/Advanced Bio Giant
Fantasy Flight Games: Mutant Chronicles: Dragoon/Dragoon kapitan
Fantasy Flight Games: Mutant Chronicles: Free Marine Hero Warpack
Fantasy Flight Games: Mutant Chronicles: Golem of Ice
Fantasy Flight Games: Mutant Chronicles: Gommorian Hammer Warpack
Fantasy Flight Games: Mutant Chronicles: Karak's Curse Warband
Fantasy Flight Games: Mutant Chronicles: Max Steiner
Fantasy Flight Games: Mutant Chronicles: Mercurian Spawn Warpack
Fantasy Flight Games: Mutant Chronicles: Mitch Hunter
Fantasy Flight Games: Mutant Chronicles: Nepharite Overlords Warpack
Fantasy Flight Games: Mutant Chronicles: Security Specialist
Fantasy Flight Games: Mutant Chronicles: Starter Set
Fantasy Flight Games: Mutant Chronicles: Undead/Cursed Legionnaires Warpack
Fantasy Flight Games: Mutant Chronicles: Warmaster's Legions Warpack

No sight of Brotherhood though, I guess I have to order them from Germany or somewhere.
Thanks for reading my thought on this game. I am exited. Please coment and help me with my MC Cmg project that just startet, all you masters and mutants at this forum! Lets keep this one rolling!!! No whining! Play what you have!

Oh, I found this link where you can see some pictures of the upcoming war packs as the Mercurian Spawn Warpack, if you haven't seen it.


You´ve joined our ranks during a hard time of the new MC miniatures game. But i´am very happy to know, that there are still some new fans out there, to support this great game. Thank you! aplauso.gif

Thanks also for the link. Nice pictures at all.

Nice dude! Always great to see fans hailing from the motherland of Mutant Chronicles.

You hit spot on in your "ramblings/thoughts".

Did anyone here hear of the multi million selling game Fallout 3? I swear to you... There are a bunch of similarities with MC/Warzone. Brotherhood of Steel with their power armor is dead on Bauhaus soldiers. No, it's not that that bothers me, I love all the Fallout games (since the demo of F1), but the MC world is just as interesting, and even more depressing of the post apocalyptic wasteland. So why shouldn't MC hit big as well?

The MC world should really be a gold mine for anyone wanting to make something with it. The story and world is so important.

Buy and read the old RPG books then, there you have all the background you need, or buy the upcoming new RPG edition from COG at

1wow, I had my first session with this game today. Me and my pal from childhood played it 6/6/6 me Algeroth, him Capitol. I won with 18 to 16! It was tight as hell. I had the two nepharites and Techron box and what is in the game set. He had three 3 banshees, two grey ones, and the 3 rangers from the other first wave capitol-set, and the free mariner from the original box. (We thougt of proxy the free mariner as Mithc Hunter... hm...) And we had two buildings giving 2 points a round.

It is a fine game and it demanded alot of thinking, aruging and action for my brain! But, in the end my mind got his. Muhaha! I llo forward to play it again. With both the BH and Ilian in a four player 2on2 game.

But I don't understand Mitch Hunters Action, or ability?? What is that he do to 1 token within LOS???

I bought the Mutant Chronicle CMG box about a month ago Dec/2016

for $15.oo. I am not much of a wargamer, some D&D years ago.

I've been going thru the rulebook and getting most of the

info down. I am a little lost with the Guard action/non action

aspect. Give me some background on this, if you could share.

I love the prepainted figures and Sci/fi aspects of this game...

eventually, I would build a permanent war board for this