Descent Character Creation Contest Winners

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The debate raged on into the night. Every staff member rooted tirelessly for their most loved hero. However, in the end, there could be only one champion. He not only inspired our imagination; he stole our hearts. Hail to the new hero of Terrinoth, Andrew Imellezzeri's Haggletooth!

Beast (Half Giant)
Wounds: 20 Fatigue: 3 Armor: 0 Speed: 3
Conquest: 4
Melee: 3 Ranged: 0 Magic: 0
Ability: When Haggletooth takes a battle action he may switch out his two attacks for one attack with the SWEEP ability.
Fighting: 3 Subterfuge: 0 Wizardry: 0
Character Biography:
Me Haggletooth. Me like stomp. Me stomp good. Me fight with siblings. Siblings want Haggletooth's Chieftain Headdress, but me not give. Me think father life boring.Me not want. Me want to explore, and get shinies. Father have beads , but not many shinies. Me want more shinies then whole tribe. More then Whole world. Then me show siblings. Then they work for Haggletooth. Do what Haggletooth say. Ha! Me hear if you strong you rich in mighty city. Me Haggletooth! Me Strong! Me and sword. We kill much. Much Glory when slay winged serpent. Me hate winged serpent. Me see winged serpent kill many friends. This angers Haggletooth. So me follow winged serpent. We find where serpent sleeps and we wait. Winged serpent not think we there for we hide in shinies. Then sword and I strike. Haggletooth put sword in serpent stomach.
Serpent screams. Haggletooth laugh at screaming serpent. This no good for serpent no like laugh. serpent almost kill Haggletooth with fire. Again I strike. For friends Haggletooth strikes, For Glory, For Shinies! When serpent can't see Haggletooth serpent strike ground. Ground shake. If me not mighty me fall, but me mighty. Ground shake so that many rock fall. Me not want be under rock so me move out. Me out as many rock fall kill stupid serpent. Now me no can get shinies. Me now go mighty city. Get job. Get shinies.
Congratulations, Andrew! You're the winner of a copy of the Descent: Tomb of Ice expansion, and four promotional figures for use in both Descent: Journeys in the Dark and Runebound!
Honorable Mentions
In all honesty, we wish we could name more than one winner. The amount of entries we received and the incredible quality of every biography was simply incredible. Though FFG fell in love with the simple speech and endearing tone of Haggletooth's (auto)biography, there were literally dozens upon dozens of other richly compelling and creative stories. The following is a brief collection of some of the most unique biographies submitted, each winners in their own right:
Drakon the Young - Created by Matthew Saloff
(To use Drakon, use her miniature from the Drakon board game. You may need to house rule that Drakon has the 'Fly' ability so she doesn't get stuck from traps and obstacles due to her size.)
Everyone knows the story of Drakon the Old Dragon and her vast fortune hidden in her magical lair, but few know of how she came about such wealth. By adventuring of course!
Drakon in her younger days was quite a warrior. Driven by a modest greed she would lead many adventure parties in search of gold and other treasures. Other adventurers would not think twice of turning down the Dragon’s offer of them to join her quests, as one does not displease a dragon as tempered as Drakon without dire consequences (usually those too frightened to accept Drakon’s invitation would become her lunch). Besides, having Drakon on your side surely would put the odds in favor of the party as well.
Whether a quest turned out successful for the other adventurers or not was of little consequence to Drakon. What she was after was treasure. Watching the heroes fight for their lives was merely added amusement to her. A game of sorts. Either they would help her find Terrinoth's ancient treasures and gold that she craved or they would at least provide her with a smile as they perished in the dungeons and tombs.
So how does a dragon equip herself for adventure you ask? Armor is of course too small for her to wear but she does occasionally intimidate Terrinoth’s finest blacksmiths and craftsmen into building weapons large enough for her to wield.
Temman the Watchful - Created by Paul Butler
Beastial (Dragon Hybrid)
Wounds: 12 Fatigue: 4 Armor: 0 Speed: 5
Conquest: 3
Trait Dice: Melee: 1 Ranged: 0 Magic: 2 (+2)
Starting Skills: Fighting: 1 Subterfuge: 1 Wizardry: 1
Special Ability: Master (5bps: +2 Magic Trait Dice)
"In the markets of Riverwatch, it is said there is a shadow that sometimes moves among the stalls and vendors. A slight, silent figure, cloaked in heavy roughspun, even in the warmth of midsummer. Though he may barter for a bit of meat, or exchange pleasantries about the weather, it is rare that a merchant can remember the conversation or even the sound of the customer’s voice.
"There are rumors in Vynelvale, of a priest of Kellos who will take audience with a mysterious old man on the high holy days of ruined Thelsvar. No one can name the priest, or say why he speaks with this stranger, but the rumors persist of hooded man, small and quick, who darts furtively about the temples when the stars are right.
"The master artisans of Forge, deep in their darkest smithies, gritty with soot and burnt with the fires from the belly of the earth, do not have a name for the cloaked specter that sometimes comes to them in the small hours, whispering forgotten knowledge. Knowledge that unlocks arcane secrets in the glowing metal as their hammers strike sparks from the anvil.
"But I can tell you this, traveler. These stories are all one and the same. For beneath that wandering hood is none other than Temman the Watchful, an ancient Hybrid who has walked this earth since the Dragon Wars. He has long since turned his path from that of his backward and spiteful brethren and spent his days studying magics both lost and forbidden. His far sight can see that the power of the Overlord is rising, and unless he does his part to stop it, all of Terrinoth will fall under a deep and lasting shadow.
- Virgilio of Greyhaven, Curator of Antiquities, Greyhaven University
Lastucia - Created by Mat Jones
Wounds: 12 Fatigue: 3 Armour: 1 Speed: 5
Conquest: 3
Trait Dice - Melee: 0 Ranged: 2 Magic: 1
Trait Cards - Melee: 0 Ranged: 2 Magic: 1
Special Ability – DEFENDER (Lvl 2) – Enemy figures within 6 spaces of Lastucia suffer -1 range and -1 damage to their attacks.
Character Biography:
She moved with an unnatural grace across the parameter wall before scaling the building and disappearing into a third floor window. Her footfalls were silent and the figure sitting at the desk with his back to her didn’t realize she was there until she bent and whispered in his ear.
"Hello, again, Bodan. The name?"
She caught his shoulders to stop him falling from his seat and gave him a moment or two to regain his calm and dignity. Then she repeated her query.
Bodan rose and turned to face her. She still didn't know why he performed this ritual every time they met. Things were easier when people didn't look upon her. On meeting face-to-face he flinched and quickly averted his gaze. Few could stomach gazing upon her featureless countenance – a mask of flesh thinly veiled by ebon silk.
Lusticia would have smiled if she had a mouth.
He finally responded. "His name is Wyran Maze".
Her inner smile slipped.
"He was a good man…once. What has he done to deserve the Order's wrath?"
"You have heard the rumours, yes? Lord Demantez's babe is missing, taken in the night from its cot. One of Maze's pitiful minions was seen fleeing the scene."
"Find the baby: kill the artificer."
The mage-hunter nodded, bowed and disappeared from the room.
On becoming a member of the clandestine coven, The Noble Shadow, Lastucia lost the last shred of her identity when the final ritual saw her face removed by magic and kept safe within the order's vault. Its agents' skills in assassination of magic-users are well known throughout the land and when trouble is rife, and its source is of a magical nature, an agent of The Noble Shadow is often not too far away.
Alexander Fey - Created by Patrick Harrison Moss
'Nimble' Type
Wounds: 12 Fatigue: 5(+1) Armor: 1
Speed: 4 Conquest: 3
Trait Dice: 2 Range, 1 Melee
Skill Cards: 2 Subterfuge, 1 Wizardry
Special Skill: Scout (Level 2)
You have +1 fatigue. (This is symbolized by the (+1) next to the Fatigue value, above). You regain 2 fatigue when you declare a Run action.
Character Biography (written in haiku):
the ballad
of Alexander Fey
the Untamed
calm morning
rays of warmth and life
overlay the land
a solemn figure
silent as the grave
surveys the world
Alexander Fey
traveler and explorer
controlled by no one
a man of everywhere
and of nowhere
born within a tent
on the mountains of the south
he was never still
walked out of school
always running through town
seen as a rascal
could never be tamed
shunned by society
he left one day
explored the forests
and the lakes, hills, and caves
lived on wild game
he soon found
his lineage full of men
whom preferred nature
not swords or shields
nor coin, jewel, and gem
but rather a stick
his father
and grandfather both
walked this land before
they witnessed much
the history of the lands
of all Terrinoth
the feuds and conflicts
of man and creature lengthy
but always minor
Alexander knows
today is different
he can sense a change
the rising sun
full of dark omens
fear is loose
he can taste it
smell the ashes of fire
hear the screams of man
his stomach unsettled
and mind full of prophecy
he looks to the sky
the coming of doom
this overlord of the black
makes him uneasy
he knows not the name
or the plans of this dark one
but his goal is clear
freedom, peace, nature
the clear air, sounds of water
all will be gone
Alexander Fey
knows his mission
he must find the ones
his journey
to the heart of Terrinoth
to Tamalir
he hopes to find
a small group of heroes
who will join him
win back the day
for those who dream to walk
as he has done
Alexander Fey
a man of none
but savior to all
Thanks to everyone who entered, and be looking for more contests soon here on the FFG website!