Dust in southern California!

By poweranimal2, in Dust Warfare Organized Play

Any groups getting together on a regular basis? I'm up for a little travel.


I live in HB and I want to learn this game. I have deliberately witheld spending any $ on this until I find a player.

I am a Red Army re-enactor.



This is definitely late but I saw this thread and thought in case you two were still interested and are still in the area, if not already participating, Brookhurst Hobbies will be doing a Dust: Warfare demo tomorrow night at 8 PM.

I personally have yet to try this game, but the 40k community seems to be in consistent and Warmachine is too serious for me, it's fun but the people seem to be in it to win it. Anyways, if this picks up, I will definitely go ahead and give this game a go!