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I have a question about the concept of the income generation from the buildings in game "Citadels".

Consider the following situation (I apologize if the names of the buildings are incorrect, because I translated them from Latvian):

1st round. I'm a Thief and my turn built Pub (green symbol)

2nd round. I'm a Merchant, did not built anything in my turn.
Question: can I get an income of 1 gold coin of the Pub, which is built on the previous round?
In other words-can I get a role in 1 gold coin on this case, green building, which I've built his city had a different role?

3rd round. I'm a Merchant again, never built.
Question: do I receive income 1 gold coin from the Pub, which I built when was a thief in the 1st round?
In other words - do I get every time income 1 coin per building in each round every time, once I have the colors?

4th round. I'm a Warrior and built a watchtower (cost 1 gold coin)
1st question: do I built you can get 1 gold coin at the time of its construction? I.e. the same turn. Built and immediately receive income.
2nd question: does this mean that a soldier (and other coloured roles) all buildings with red mark (for example: WatchTower, Tournament square) actually pays for one coin less than their value? This means that you can build a watchtower for free (as it costs 1 coin)?

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The characters which get income get one gold for each building of their color in your district, regardless of when it was built. So you can build a green building in turn one with any role, and every time you use the merchant role you will get one gold for that building.

You can choose to collect income before you build, or after you build but not both. So if you are the warrior and you have at least one gold, you can build the watchtower then get one gold from the watchtower and from every other red building in your district.

If you are the warrior and you have no gold, but you built red buildings on previous turns, then you can collect income from the red buildings built on earlier turns and use that to build the watchtower. However you will not get one gold from the watchtower this turn because you collected income before you built it.

I've heard that in some of the German versions the King must collect income before he builds, but in the English version all the characters can collect income when they want.

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I understand well - one income per turn.

From your answer I understand that I can get income also from those buildings from which I got it in previous turns.

So every turn when I am warrior - I get income from previously built buildings.

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