EotE: PbP Friendly?

By Shakespearian_Soldier, in General Discussion

To those folks who have read through the rules, or - better yet - play-tested them to some degree:

Due to the nature of my work - I'm an infantry soldier in the British Army - I have very limited chance to arrange face-to-face game time, which means that the vast majority of my RP hours are conducted via the online play-by-post format. This has worked perfectly well for me before, particularly since I enjoy writing, but it does make me wonder: how well would EotE work on that format? Would rules need to be tweaked? Or would it work perfectly well?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

I play a lot of PbP also and our GM just ordered the Beta ruleset. I foresee our group running the included adventures pretty soon after he gets the book, so I'll let you know once we get play a game or two. Other players within my group (including myself) are waiting until the final book comes out before buying it.

Thanks James! I have a lot of time to prepare, of course: my current campaign is being run using WEG, and stretches the whole 19 year period between Episodes III and IV; the new campaign - run with these new rules - will take place around the time of Episode IV.

I foresee the biggest problem is rolling the unusual dice. In a Pbem or PbP, that probably will not matter… you have plenty of time to roll a normal die and use the book's chart to figure out the dice. In a real-time VTT this would be kind of horrible.

There is a new VTT that just had a successful Kickstart called Roll20 . It is completely free and in beta. I posted on their "dice system" forum and someone who plays the Warhammer game agreed with me.

I will keep you all posted on how this pans out.

We're getting ready to run a PbP beta test game. We currently have a tech/slicer and a hired gun/bodyguard (PCs) and a colonist/politco/doctor (NPC). If anyone wants in, just let me know and I can ask our GM. We'll probably be start very soon (this week).

I'm currently running a PbP, and the only issue so far is that it requires a ton of back & forth during combat, due to the GM handling how PCs spend their Threat and vice versa.

Shakespearian_Soldier, I don't know if freeform games are for you, but I saw you mention that you enjoy writing, and thought that our game, Star Wars: Tapestry , might be for you. There's no 'system' per se, but plenty of in-depth roleplaying! gran_risa.gif

EotE is an excellent pbp game! If you have an iPhone there's an app for rolling the special dice. Or, just roll the real dice and post your results!

We've been playing EotE pbp since it released and I actually prefer pbp to live games!

Let me know if you'd ever like to join us.