Great Event

By SDeaver, in Realms of Terrinoth 2012

This was a really great event. The staff was so friendly and helpful, and worked hard to make sure everyone had a good time. There was always something to do, and the atmosphere was relaxed and fun. Can't wait for the next one. Thanks FFG!

Sounds like a great time. Was there a lot of people attending? Did they have the new Descent for sale? Any demos of Descent?

Plenty of demos of second edition Descent, as well as copies on sale. Also Runewars, Rune Age, and Dungeon Quest. I have to say that so far I like everything they've changed with Descent … it is a much smoother play experience. Can't wait to run a campaign.

Got to play with the as-yet-unreleased "Oath and Anvil" expansion for Rune Age as well. Also a great game!

There was not a horde of people … probably less than 40 or so at any given time, plus staff. It made for a relaxed atmosphere, and I had no problem getting into games. There were tournaments for three of the games, which were fun and not cutthroat at all.

Aces all around for the event. It was my first time with my gaming group and he loved it. I only wish we had a store that nice up here in Duluth, MN to play games. Most people up here are kinda tools, and are very cliquey. Everyone down there knew how to game, and had great gamesmenship.