Events at Gencon Already Full?

By Nightmoss, in Fantasy Flight Games Gen Con Experience

It looks like most of your events ar Gencon are alrady full!?! On day one? Will there be any more additions? Thanks.

I just read on another publishers site that there may be some 'glitches' with event registration. FFG events still look pretty full for all four days, so my question still stands. Thanks.

I'm hoping they add some more events too

I submitted my wishlist about 10 minutes after event registration started and I was not able to get into X-Wing. Oh well I'll try to get a demo at the booth.

That's why I don't really like this set up. Why do you need a registration?Granted you probably need a ticket or pass to get in, but the whole thing shouldn't have to be set up in a registration. It should be an open area.

I'm really shocked that there are a total of 110 seats all weekend for FFG-sponsored Edge of the Empire tables. For the new hotness in essentially the biggest license around, that seems pretty paltry.