Assassin and Witch questions

By Altez, in Citadels

If you were doing a two player game and you each had 2 characters a piece. Would one of your characters just never get to have a turn if the other player had an assassin constantly murdering him every turn? Likewise, would the witch consistently get the turn of the bewitched person?

One thing that I'm not sure you get: Players choose two new characters every round. After each character has had a turn, shuffle them all together and repeat the character selection.

Since a random character is always placed face down at the beginning, the Assassin or Witch may not be available every turn. Also, you can use the King to change which player gets first pick of the characters. That said, it is legal for a player to select the Assassin or Witch every round if it is available.

Also, when a player takes the turn for the Assassin or Witch, they don't know for sure what character you will have. When you select a character you put it face down in front of you, and with two players you also place one face down in the middle of the table. (Except for the first character chosen, in which case a random character is placed face down before hand). You do not reveal the character cards in front of you until it is time for that character's turn, and the Assassin and Theif go before the other characters. Therefore, the player who is choosing a character to assassinate won't know for sure which character you chose for yourself and which character you eliminated. Again though, if you are unlucky you could be assassinated every round.

Thank you for clearing that up, I kind of realized this as the first time I started to play. One more question if you could, when the assassin declares a target, he can do it at the start of the turn phases? Like if we just shuffled our cards and got our character cards, if he laid down his assassin and said, "I chose to kill the King." Whoever has the king would just skip their turn? Or do you wait for it to be your turn as the assassin?

The assassin names a target when he takes his turn.

However, the player's take their turn in the order of the number on their character cards. Since the Assassin is number 1, the very first thing that happens after everyone has selected all their character cards is the assassin's turn.

The player order only matters for the order that you pick character cards in. You then call out characters in order by number, and whoever has the character with that number reveals it and takes his turn.

Also, the king should not reveal himself yet, as the thief can still steal from him.

You are right in that the King (assassin's target in this example) should not reveal themselves and will only get the crown at the end of the round. However, the Thief cannot steal from either the Assassin (they've already played) or the Assassin's target - it's in the Characters' clarifications in the rules.