Great event, bad timing?

By JerusalemJones, in Days of Ice and Fire 2012

One of the things I have liked about Days in the past is that it happened in the fall. This worked out better with my work schedule, as Spring is actually harder for me to get vacation time than the so-called "Holiday Season." With the LCG Worlds and Days being flipped, though, I now find that the odds of my attending this event have dropped to nearly zero. Also, from some of the posts I've seen with community friends on Facebook, several others are going to have to pass on this event as well.

I don't want to start a thread complaining about dates and times, but I wonder how many people are going to be affected by this change? On the positive side, the Game of Thrones regionals won't be taking place at the same time as the Warhammer and Call of Cthulhu Regionals (which I always felt could hurt the attendance of them, as local players had to choose which of the three to play in), but the Worlds event for ALL of their "OP" games will be the same weekend (and I question the wisdom of that decision; I truly do not think the Events Center will be large enough to hold all five, unless they limit attendance in some way). Also, it appears there won't be a MN-based Warhammer or CoC regional unless another MN store decides to hold one.

Since I am only an hour plus drive from the EC, I will likely still register just to get the free stuff (driving there from work takes about 30 minutes), but I'm not sure I'll get to play this time around.

Plus, it's kinda strange they announced the Baratheon expansion for Battles of Westeros only a couple of days ago... I guess there won't be any chance to play it at Days of I&F... ::scratching her head:: it seems like a very bad timing to me either

I would have loved to have gone to this. But, it coincides with Gen Con pre-registration (on Sunday), which I don''t want to try to manage from hotel room. So, this year is a no-go for me. Sad panda. sad.gif

FYI – All four regional events are scheduled at the Event Center:

  • May 18-20, 2012 – A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Regionals
  • June 2 – Warhammer: Invasion Regionals
  • June 9, 2012 – Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game Regionals
  • June 23, 2012 – Dust Tactics 2012 Regionals