Lost in Transmisson (where is it!)

By Misanthropovore, in Black Crusade Collectors Edition

So I received my Black Crusade Collectors edition this tuesday at 7 P.M.
UPS has left it on my porch and I'm so happy I finally got it.

Except that's not what happend, though it is what UPS claims has happened.
Or the tracking information claims it has been delivered.

So my Collectors edition is gone it seems, there is no package on my porch and no yellow note on my door.

Does anyone have any idea how I should continue?
Contact FFG? Contact UPS?

I have never shipped packages before, much less lost one and I'm unsure how to proceed.
Advice, because I'm pretty **** annoyed at the moment.

Well honestly you should probably contact your credit card provider and make sure they don't charge you for something you never got. After that, I'd have to say you should get matters sorted with UPS.

That would be great advice if only you did not have to pay in advance for the Collectors edition. In reality my Creditcard got billed somewhere last september.

Though I've contacted UPS and FFG, last week. Received an email from FFG 4 days ago that they were investigating what happened.
So we'll see where it goes from there.