WoD Quest 8

By Parathion, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

We are currently playing said quest. The German translation is a bit vague about the timing of placing new boulders (something like every three rounds)

Could someone please type the relevant passage(s) of the English original?

It is also not clear at which exact point in a game round the new boulder appears, but I hope it´s clear in the original.

Thanks for any support.

Edit: Never mind, I have received the original passage.

Weirdly, it says "every three turns" a new boulder appears. I assume OL turns are meant, otherwise the boulders would appear between two heros´ turns. When exactly in an OL turn the boulder appears, remains totally unclear, though.

I just looked in the Well of Darkness rulebook that can be found on the site and it says:

"At the start of the overlord’s turn, before he does anything else, he must move all boulders in play"