Lost Pieces

By Bubbahush, in A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (1st Edition)

Hi guys. After a tense alchol fueled game my friend became very angry that he'd lost. He was packing his parts away in an angry manner and now we've lost a tyrell order token and an influence track marker. This has really messed up the game and i dont want to pay £50.00 to get 2 tokens so does anyone know where you can get spare parts or replacements for this kind of thing. We can't really play the game again until this is sorted. Cheers

I advise you to e-mail FFG customer service at: [email protected]

Tell them exactly what token it is, and they will mail it to you.

Now regarding your friend... if that happened to me I would make him pay for a new game :)

cheers for the help mate. My friend denies he lost it and refuses to accept any responsibilty haha. These things happen i suppose just have to hope for the best :)

Oh you can relax, FFG has an excellent support. They have sent me more than once for replacement tokens, lost tokens before :)

Might take some time, they have a big backlog of requests, but usually a month or so...