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By geki, in Penguin

I saw it in Essen, but never tried it. Could anybody give me some impression about this game?

i did not check but i'll be darned if there is no info on this game over at boardgamegeek.

A game of piling penguins... yeah... without info, this game seems kinda boring...

For the love of Mary. My friend Andrew would love this game, since we nicknamed him Penguin.

OK, guys... This game is played with up to 5 people (I think) and depending on the number of people playing is how many penguins that you start with. The come in 4 different colors (red, yellow, green and blue). The object is to create a pyramid of penguins, but you can only stack a penguin on top if it's own color. I'm make an example:


Now, to add a yellow penguin it can only go on the end by the yellow green space. Colors can get lost very easy in this game and the object is the be the first player to use up all of their penguins. Oh, yeah, the base row length is also determined by the number of players involved. I hope this answers your question. I don't personally own this game, but I do work in a game store and this one is selling right now because of the Christmas/Snow thing.

Wow I actually want to buy this for myself now. lol j/k. Really though it sounds pretty cool and lame at the same time.

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The game could have been much better. Unfortunately the penguins actually fit together when you stack them so the create a rigid pyramid. It would have been far more fun and hazardous if they actually had to balance on each others shoulders. Knocking them over would be much more of a possability then. As it is the game might be ok for little kids but otherwise I really wouldn't bother.

sounds like a great game , i'm tempted .