By InfernalMonk, in Dust

Is Dust gone for good or is it going to get a reprint or new edition?

I think its gone for good :(

I think its gone for good :(

There are some copies on boardgamegeek.com ... hope I can get one that way, the game looks great ;) .

A "like new" one is one on the way, looks like I will be visiting this forum a lot more :D

In Germany you can still buy the English and German versions of Dust in some stores for the original price. I got my German copy for 26€.

What is the name of the store in Germany that you bought your "Dust" board game?

Much appreciated!

I have a copy of the US version of this game that has never been used and am willing to sell it for a reasonable price. I will say up front that one corner of the cover is split and the one one the opposite side is slightly crumpled (came to me that way, too big a hastle to return it). Let me know if anyone is interested.

Amazon Germany, or in this shop: morgenwelt. Google for morgenwelt org, not .de and you'll get there.

It looks like they are throwing their backing more behind the Dust miniatures. I agree that a reprint of Dust does not look promising.