Great game - if expectations are set right

By zkBoy, in Tribune

Bought Tribune about a month ago and want to share my impressions. After a couple of initial plays I was almost disappointed - but then I understood that for the most part it's not that something is wrong with the game, I just was expecting it to be something it isn't. I was expecting to see meaty euro game with a lot of decision options and stragety (especially knwoing it comes for Die Marcher designer) - it turned out to be much lighter than I expected. But disappointement didn't last long as I discovered that Tribubne has a lot of things I wasn't expecting to get with this game:

- one of the best examples of how theme and game mechanics are smoothly blended together. Your are not just placing workers or drawing cards - you are actually competing for influence in ancient Rome

- it's a game you can play with your non-gamer friends. Just like that - explain the rules (OK, not in 3 minutes - it will take a while) and get to playing your first session. For comparision, try do the same with Caylus and it probably gonna be last time your friends will agree to come over for a board game evening happy.gif

- even not very strategically deep it still gives you a lot of choices that influence the result

- it plays fast with no significant downtime. Round is split in phases and everybody gets do something during each phase and stays involved

- there's a good deal of interaction as players compete for control of the factions and take part in auctions

- for a worker placement type of game it plays relatively fast - and you can actually influence how long it will take by selecting set of Victory conditions to use for particular session

So to make Tribune shine and show it's best qualities don't play it in your gaming group (where most probably it will be tagged as a "filler", "shallow" or the like) - bring it to a table with your friends and this will be enjoyable experience for everyone. And 4 or 5 players is best option, but will work with 2 or 3 either.

I agree that it's lighter than at first it appears. It got lots of my plays at my group until people realized how short it was, and then were kind of like, "What's the point?"

I think it's the big box. (no kidding) (O: Though, there's some more light games coming out in big boxes (Board Games with Scott just did one about packing moving trucks) so maybe the stereotype will get busted.

But, certainly, after learning all the rules, it's odd to realize that in a five player game, you might never get the first player token happy.gif

I am tempted to purchase this game.

It's definitely worthwhile - the game was well received by my friends, although we have only played it once - too many other distractions I'm afraid - but it would work with gaming buddies as a bit of lighter gameplay, a break from games with a hell of a lot to think about, like the vaunted Caylus, or Agricola for example. Besides which, I have a soft spot historically speaking for ancient Rome, so this was a must buy when it was released.

I played this game for the first time two nights ago, and I really enjoyed it. I know we don't have all the rules down pat, but I was glad I picked up a copy. The games are short -- our longest game took about 90 minutes -- but that in no way detracts from the fun. I like games like Colossal Arena, so a game with interesting mechanics about bidding and control (and that's what this game is about) really hits me in my geek spot. look forward to playing it again, and introducing it to the rest of my friends and family -- including my wife.

Hmm, the different lacks explained in this thread disappoints me a little...

But I may still see a purchase on the horizon :)

There is always a place for light games.... usually between the heavy games.

Reading this makes me think this would be a great game purchase in the future because the group I play with at work is fairly new to the more "non-traditional" board games. This is the kind of game they do like, and will keep them playing. I love deep games, but there's something to be said for lighter games. Especially under the right circumstances.

I've been eying this game up a lot lately, and I think I'll probably be getting it, but I have one question first. Since, it seems like this game's learning curve isn't quite as steep, would getting the expansion at the same time and learning both together pose much of a problem? I'm used to deep games, but some of the people I game with aren't, and they get discouraged if it's too hard to learn.

I love love love this game, and I am pretty picky.