By Peacekeeper_b, in Fantasy Flight Games Gen Con Experience

Is there a reason why you dont do Origins?

I'd like to hear an answer too. I can only afford one major con a year and Origins is more enjoyable then GenCon for me.

A while back when FFG first pulled out of Origins I talked to one of the guys and he said they didn't like doing both shows since they were so close together and it was more profitable (not his exact words, but you get the general idea) to do Gencon if they were just going to do both shows.

Doh, I meant if they were only going to do one show, not both.

Origins has also been ramping down around when they bowed out. It has garnered a bit more attendance the past few years, but they keep having scheduling issues (like the week before last day of school for most districts), professionalism concerns (event registration issues), etc...