Idea for GM Screen

By Captain Ventris, in Deathwatch Gamemasters

I'm running DW games with the Errata rules, so the weapon charts on the GM screen (the one in the GM kit) don't do me any good. I don't know if anyone else does this, but I instead popped open photoshop, and have covered those charts with other reference pieces - in my case, one chart was covered with a paper detailing the names of the characters and their corresponding players, and a larger chart now details the Space Marine's default abilities, resistances, re-rolls etc. so I don't forget them.

I thought it was a nice way to reduce my loose paper count and maintain the usefulness of the GM Screen.

I taped the new weapon damage over the old, when I ran out of room I taped the rest to the front, the pictures are cool, but I dont want to constantly flip through the faq.

I recover every free surface in the house for our games, and construct what I call "The IRL Admin Console". I should post a picture, it's ridiculous, including no fewer than 3 side tables and a step stool. I just figured that the thing I stare at the back of constantly should be of more use than it was. :P

That sounds like our old 40k game room, we had poster size refence sheets for every race.