Still in print?

By Batei, in Cave Troll

Is this game still in print? I bought this game during one of the Christmas sells and that got me to thinking the other day maybe it is out of print... or FFG is coming out with a newer version and sold the older ones to make room for the new one.

I hope to buy it someday... but i'll think i'll have to wait until there's a new edition...

It's a bit strange that you can click 'Buy' to see it's 'Out of stock'.

Is there anybody who can give some information?

Really wanting a reprint of this. Is this something in the works?

This is still available as far as I know - my Comic Book and Gaming store has several copies on the shelf. They do sometimes seem to have a stock of products that are supposedly out of print though.

Really? I've been trying to locate one for about two weeks now.

What store is it?

Trouble is I'm UK based, so do they ship internationally?

It's available for $129 on amazon . It was hovering around $20 earlier last year.

Cool! I'll try to find it right now!

Considering how long they got the latest edition, I'd be surprised to see it reprinted soon. You may find a copy in some stores, but I think that they don't have any left in stock at FFG.

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