By Peacekeeper_b, in Dust

Is there a good website or book to get the background fluff for Dust? Something more then the one page overview Ive found so far?

I get much more interested in setttings and games when I have information about the setting.

Did you find anything? I've read the comics and tried - fruitlessly - to get an English copy of the sourcebook but not found a lot else.

The link above has the dust books available. I ordered the Modeling Book Vlo 1 (English), the Comic and the Sourcebook (English) but unfortunately the sketch books are no longer available.

I go the sourcebook, model guide 1 and the comic book trade and the writing isnt just aweful, its just poorly translated to english. I honestly thinkg they just cut the original text, put it in a online translator, cut the translated text and inserted back in the books.

Not only that, but I hate when people write military stories/comics and so forth and apparently (obviously is a better word I suppose) onow nothing about the military, rank, and so forth.

But all that aside, the background material exists, if you can groan through the translation and bad writing you can get some good information for a RPG setting. And I still think it would work best with True 20 as the core rule system used.

You just have to do it creatively. I would start everyone off at 4th level, with level 1 being their nation of origin, level two being adolescence experiences, level 3 being core training/education (post high school stuff, so college, military, on the job experience and so forth) and level 4 being the start of their current lives.

If i have time to work on this I will, but I have to go back to reworking some stuff for Berlin '61 first.