Some rules I´d like to clarify

By Tyrichter, in Rattlesnake

Hello, snake eaters. I´d like to ask for some rule clarification, because the basic rule sheet doesn´t cover all situations which can occur during the game.

For example, I´m putting an "egg" on the board. And the other eggs there start to move, and some fall off the board. None of them clashes. But what should I do? Put the lost egg(s) back where it was and then try again?

Another question is, what to do, if the eggs on the board clash and I still have the egg that caused it in my hand. So I take those eggs that clashed and then drop the egg I had in my hand on the board? Or should I just take the clashed eggs, and end my turn?

How do you play it?

Thanks for the answers.

As for an egg falling off the board, this is covered by the rules under Influencing Eggs on the Board were it indicates that if an egg moves of the board, the player who caused that to happen must take the egg!

As for two other eggs clashing, I would argue that if you were placing that egg when the other two eggs clashed then you would finish placing the egg and then pick up the clashed eggs.