Blue Moon vs. Blue Moon City

By pulsar3, in Blue Moon City

Not that I can find an original Blue Moon anywhere, but can anyone who's played both compare the two for me?

(by the way, if you know where to get a Blue Moon starter deck, please tell me. It's gotten rave reviews from here to the Dice Tower and I want it.)

I too would like to know how the two games compare if at all.

Pulsar - I have an extra starter and some decks. PM or contact me on BGG - TheDarkKnight

They are simply set in the same universe. The game play has nothing in common. You can read the rulebooks to see what they're like, but one obvious difference is that Blue Moon is a two-player game while Blue Moon City goes up to four players.

I have not played Blue Moon but ever since i got Blue Moon City i have wanted to play it. The art is fantastic on the cards and from what i hear you get to see more of it in the actual card game. I was always curious how the actual card game is played, is it like CoC at all?