Size of Card protectors?

By fenway, in Citadels

What size card protectors fit Citadels cards?


fenway said:

What size card protectors fit Citadels cards?

According to the sleeving guide here , you need three of the Green colour-code sleeves to cover Citadels.

Actually, you only need 2 green packs of sleeves if you can live with only sleeving 2 of the 8 reference cards - including the expansion, there are 80 District cards and 18 Character cards (total 98) and sleeves come 50 to a pack.

I personally sleeved my game with fantasy flight sleeves (as stated above) and I think it is well worth it. If a character card gets damaged or any noticeable mark on it, the game won't work. Although I don't sleeve very many of my games, this one is a definite in my book. And after you sleeve them, they'll puff up a bit out of the box, but once you've squished all the air out they'll fit perfectly.