DoI&F Roll Call!!!

By The Nick-ler, in Days of Ice and Fire Event

Who's gonna be there?

I wish I could make it. llorando.gif

I might make it. I want to make it. It'll be fun, and I want to meet Mr. Martin.

Me and some friends will likely be there. The information that I have read regarding the event so far is sort of vague.

1) What is the structure of the tournament(s) for the LCG?

2) What are the prizes?

3) Will George R.R. Martin be there all three days? If so, what times of the day?

4) Does Mr. Martin sign autographs? (a signed house card or game board would be incredible!)

5) The information says "a chance to meet George R.R. Martin." What exactly is this implying?

Once the answers to these questions become more clear my probability of attendance will as well.

I'm guessing questions about "A Dance with Dragons" will be strictly verboten?

it going to be so much fun. Hope to see you guy there

I had so much fun at Arkham Nights, I decided to sign up for this one, too.

I'll probably split my time evenly between the LCG and AGOT. No interest whatsoever in Battlelore.

Anybody going to this that was also at Arkham Nights? I'm going solo to this one, so will be on the lookout for familiar faces.

I was at the Arkham Horror event last weekend and it was a blast, so I am really looking forward to this.

I will be there, probably without my son, but with a guy or two from work. I haven't played ANY of the AGoT games, so I am looking forward to learning how to play. The highlight, of course, will be meeting Mr Martin. Most of his books that I have are limited editions with his signature already, but I may bring in one or two of them anyhow to be re-signed.

The event schedule PDF didn't have a spreadsheet format, so I created one, but unfortunately there is no way to attach it.

Okay, after being on the fence for so long I finally pre-registered. Smoo, see you there.

If anyone wants to volunteer some time I would love to play Battles of Westeros. A lot.

Katja and I are registering for the event this afternoon. Arkham Nights was a blast and I am sure this wil be just as much fun even if neither of us are very familiar with the ASoIaF setting.

I am bringing my Wild Cards book for him to sign to give you some indication of how unfamiliar I am with ASoIaF. demonio.gif

I am however itching to play Battle of Westeros for the first time so I would be happy to play some newb games. I am sure there will be some good demo games going on if Arkham Nights is any indication of what to expect. I want to play some AGoT LCG as well, but I have no cards so its likely demo only for me. Call of Cthulhu LCG already has my soul for monthly purchases.

See you repeat offenders there! gui%C3%B1o.gif

My wife and I are planning on attending.

My wife & I will be there Friday & Sunday, and possibly Saturday. Will there be opportunities for "casual"/beginner games of the LCG, or will everyone be tied up playing in the tournaments?

so how was it guys ?