FFG Forum Archive

By MarlowK, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Hi folks!

Same as all of you, I'm sad to see the FFG Forums come to an end. However, our individual communities have done a lot to keep the content here alive and well for future players of FFG Games.

On behalf of EntropicDreamer and the SWRPG Community, I'm happy to share with you a complete, 100% archive of the FFG forums to be hosted beyond forum closure. Built from the ground up by EntropicDreamer, the archive is intended to be accessible, fast , and searchable in comparison to the WayWayBack machine hosted version of the forums. It's read-only, as many individual, community-run forums (SWRPG's is here ) are popping up elsewhere and not intended as a replacement, but as a reference and resource for these games moving forward.

Features include:

  • Complete, 100% forum coverage, from Star Wars RPG to Cosmic Encounter to FFG's living card games
  • Searchable, via topic and post contents
  • Fast loading and easily sharable
  • Links to individual WayWayBack machine versions of posts for complete coverage


The original hosted archive can be found on EntropicDreamer's website: FFG Forum Archive (entropicdreams.com)
Descent specific forums can be found here: FFG Forum Descent Archive (entropicdreams.com)
As well as embedded on the SWRPG Community website: FFG Forum Archive (swrpgcommunity.com)

You guys are just awesome!

I still don't get why FFG didn't opt to archive them but thanks for filling the upcoming void, I've searched these forums so many times not having that going forward would be a pain so massive thank yous