Happy Final Week on the FFG Forums

By Birdman137, in The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth

Hello fellow Middle Earth Adventurers! Happy final week on the FFG forums. I am sad we will be loosing this place and thought it might be nice to hear where everyone is planning to get their JiME fix in the future. I thought this could help others find JiME communities they haven't heard of before.

I personally spend quite a bit of time on the BGG forums which are very active and have many helpful members who will answer questions promptly. One thing the BGG forums don't have quite as much of that these forums do are threads devoted to sharing miniature painting. I would love if some of this community was able to start rounding out the BGG forums with more painting threads.

I’ll be headed over to BGG as well and I’ll definitely share up some painting pictures (once I finish that is haha)

more more more painting!

So long, fellow travellers in Middle-earth!