An interesting find regarding the possible canceled expansion "Margath army"

By Oak tree, in Runewars Miniatures Game

Today I acidentaly found Henning Ludvigsen's site - the talanted artist behind the terrain tiles and boards in many, many board games, especialy in previous FFG's games. Among his many works, which I was supprised to find, there was one peqiliar work, called «Runewars - Margath Army Expansion».
I own most of the expansions - and I think these tiles were redistributed among the later expansions for the game.
The curious thing is the name of the expansion: Margath is the famous dragon lord, from the Runebound series. Could it be there was actially a dragon faction in works? Or, at the very least - the campaign book (where the Margath could gather the army from the exicting units, without the need of adding the brand new faction).

I'm both excited and sad regarding this find - Runewars MG might be so much more.

Maybe its all old news, but I wanted to share this find with you.

Since FFG's forums are shutting down I made the similar post on BGG:


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That's some good snooping! Maybe one day we'll see some new expansions :)

23 hours ago, Hepitude said:

That's some good snooping! Maybe one day we'll see some new expansions :)

Unlikely. They did say at one of the InFlight reports (2019?) that they considered it "a complete game", and given the steep discounts they've put out, I doubt we'll see anything more from it, especially with FFG's miniatures games being handed over to a different company.

Unfortunately, I think you’re right. If you look at the direction FFG/Asmodee is taking, the Terrinoth IP is going inactive except for Descent- which is now becoming the name for the brand.

There’s some hints at a possible 2nd edition on the Facebook group, but nothing announced... 😕

Margath will be in something, have always been convinced of the dragon's eventual return