Doubt with activation of 4th enemy

By dovering20, in Heroes of Terrinoth


I have a doubt with the following situation.

Let's imagine that I already have 3 enemies engaged with my Hero, and I have to activate an enemy in the shadows that has the following effect bar:

Advance > Damage

I start with 'Advance'. And when the enemy is going to engage, instead, he does X damage to my Hero and returns to the shadows. So far everything is correct.

However. Wouldn't i now have to proceed to the second step of the effect bar: 'Damage'? That is, another X damage to my Hero.

Thanks a lot!

IMHO, Advance, not possible so X damage. Damage, not possible so nothing.

21 hours ago, tibia said:

Damage, not possible so nothing.

Thanks Tibia.
But why do you say that it is not possible to damage?
The rules say that if the enemy is in the shadows, damage is dealt to the active hero.

You are right: I forgot that aspect 😞