A new Faidutti game that's kid friendly.

By SuperKalelJorson7, in SmileyFace

This place looked lonely, so I figured I'd start it off. I like the designer and the price is right. Admittedly, it's sounds like it's more of a kid's game, but hey, I've got kids. Rattlesnake was a big hit with the adults, too, so I'll at least give it a try.

It could be fun/. I apprecaite that it is only $15 $25 is a bit too high for this type of game, and honestly there needs to be more games in this price range. And it looks silly, and silly can sell. Great Dalmuti is a great soda and pretzels game, and Fluxx always does well. Hopefully they'll have copies at Gen con so i can try it out.

I hope for a GenCon demo as well. I've got grandkids just getting into gaming age and I want them to be open to a lot of tabletop gaming. this could fill the bill.

it looks cute and my kids are always bugging me to play with me and my friends.might have to get it .

i ordered it from amazon & still not yet have it, ill order it from here, as soon i recieve it ill inform all of you

sounds like a great game , i'm tempted .

amazing ,beautiful game :)

Maybe a little too simple for my group, but we'll check out anything...

Question…At the beginning of a round everyone has 7 cards, as you lay down a card do you pick another one up, OR do you only get those 7 cards per round, then shuffle the deck after each round and get 7 new cards? Hope that makes some sense. Thanks for your help.