[THE FORGE PODCAST]: Questions for our KeyForge: Secrets of the Crucible Review + Q&A

By GM Hooly, in Secrets of the Crucible

UPCOMING EPISODE: KeyForge: Secrets of the Crucible Review + Q&A

Got a burning question about KeyForge: Secrets of the Crucible? Then look no further than The Forge: A Genesys RPG Podcast where your questions about this fantastic addition to the Genesys RPG line of settings make their way to developers and get answered on the show.

In an upcoming episode, we'll feature the amazing talents of Tim Huckelbery (Lead Developer) and Keith Kappel (Contributing Author) as they answer your questions.

So post your questions here, via e-mail to [email protected], or on Facebook by searching @forgegenesys .

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Edited by GM Hooly

I guess it's probably too late to ask questions, huh? Couldn't think of any until now, but I'll throw a few out anyway:

  • First, how long does the disorient effect of Distraction last?
  • Second, if someone was to port some of the talents that cost A/Ember into a different setting, like Terrinoth, what would be recommended to make up for the A/Ember cost?

Not too late

Another talent question: If a character where to acquire Beastmaster and the EPG's Dire Animal Companion, would all animals be affected by Dire?