Colour scheme - colourblind player

By Gerry_C, in X-Men: Mutant Insurrection

I have trouble seeing the difference between various colours - one of the most common forms affecting about 1/10 of men. One of the 'bad' pairings is bright green and yellow.

On the mission objectives, I could not tell if any icons were yellow or if they were all green on the intro stream. This would be a big game breaker for a lot of players that I hope was picked up in play-testing. It could easily be that the cards in real life are easier to differentiate than on screen. Were there any examples shown that I could go back to to re-watch or in the article?

Really though (and this appears to be a problem I'm finding throughout the gaming industry), colours shoud NEVER be the sole differentiator when it's important. Different symbols or border styles etc should also be used. Am I worrying unnecessarily?

On the objective cards, green objectives are circular, yellow and square and red is hexagonal. It also carries that scheme somewhat on the back of the threat cards.

Thanks for the understanding response.

Now I know the different shapes, I can just about see the colours. It was probably the white around the 'take damage' icon making it look a different colour to the green next to it that was confusing me. Only having seen a couple of cards, it's hard to spot a trend. I had noticed the different backs on the threat cards but they were in their designated piles so I 'knew' which was which.

The colours still should not be so similar. There are many shades of green that just look green.

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