Selling large Collection including 5 of the Death World Cycle in shrink still

By Wytefang, in Warhammer 40,000: Conquest

Looking to sell a huge collection that's in extremely pristine condition (much of it sleeved and it comes with 8 Ultra-Pro Deckboxes as well).

Includes :

3x Starter Sets (one still in ShrinK)
2x Tyranid - The Great Devourer Sets
1x Necron - Legions of Death Set

1st and 2nd Cycles (Warlord & Planetfall)
3rd and final Death World Cycle (all in shrink) - 2x The Great Enemy, 1x Slash & Burn, 1x The Warp Unleashed, and 1x Searching for Truth

If you're local to Milwaukee area, I can meet you if it's within a reasonable distance.

PM if interested. It's a nice collection.

Do you still have any of this?