Missing pieces

By knewgie, in XCOM: The Board Game

My copy of X-Com is missing a few pieces (a sniper and one infiltrator ship to be specific). Now that FFG is not running their replacement program (and it is not a new game so I cannot go to my LFGS) I am having trouble locating replacements. I’ve had no luck thus far on BGG, so decided to take a shot here. Does anyone have ideas, or even extra parts they would be willing to sell? I plan to keep my eyes open at flea markets and the like for replacements and may just consider buying a new set, but would like to try to prevent orphaning this game. Thank you!

How about 3D printing the missing pieces? I've been looking in that direction - as I'm missing an interceptor and a few UFOs - it isnt cheap but it shouldn't be horribly expensive at ~$10 per piece with commercial printers - much less if you have access to a printer and just need to pay the cost of the material.

Problem is - I can't find models (and I don't know how to make them myself).

Thank you. I have been working on that actually. I was able to find a template for an interceptor. A friend of mine has a 3D printer. The model was too big (and don’t have the skill to construct it myself) but we were able to reduce the size. Turned out okay. Can’t find anything for the sniper model though. If anyone has a recommendation, or is aware of someone who has posted a template for these it would be much appreciated!

On a side note, at $10 per mini, might be cheaper to buy a whole new game, and start selling off the parts you don’t need. If anyone chooses to do that route on their own please let me know.... If there was enough interest I might even look into arranging something like that also. I think the game goes for around $50, so it would take a few of us to commit.

Actually, just found a used copy for a good price. I went ahead and ordered it. That means I will have extra pieces in about a week. Let me know if you are interested!

I need (1) UFO.