Best LCG for Solo?

By Greenlaser, in Living Card Games

I'm looking to get into LCGs, and would love your thoughts on the best LCG for solo play. From the descriptions, the ones that have solo play are Arkham Horror and LotR, but it's hard to tell if solo play was at the forefront of design, or was an afterthought. Thanks!

All co-op LCGs can be played solo. FFG currently has three co-op LCGs they support. LOTR is solo-able, but something to consider is usually people will play solo by running two hands at the same time since that game is slightly more balanced for two players. AH:TCG is a better true solo experience in my opinion though some investigators clearly work better as part of a team. Another consideration is that in October The Marvel Champion game is coming out and it's also a co-op. It's very easy at least in that core box to solo in that game and it has some benefits for the more casual players built into it's release model (e.i. 1 core set for a full play set of cards, each hero pack being a complete deck playable out of the box...).

If you want to get a feel for what type of games they are Champions is a lighter and faster game, AH:TCG is a campaign style game where characters gain experience and move from scenario to scenario (with each scenario forming part of a larger narrative), and LOTR LCG is a more math-y game with a heavy emphasis on deck crafting to navigate it's scenarios.

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Very cool, thanks! I'll have to check out AH:TCG.

I've been playing solo LoTR LCG for several months one handed and two-handed. Both are incredible, but two-handed is more fun (get to use more cards) and works better mechanically on some quests. Let me know if you have any specific questions about the game!

I strongly suggest Arkham Horror the card game for solo play.

LOTR is the best solo game I have ever played

Yep- All three co op games AH, Marvel and LOTR all works nicely as a solo. Though i personally like all of them best with other players. The more the merrier!