Request for Official Expansion for Forbidden Stars

By Doomgiver77, in Forbidden Stars

Greetings Fans of Forbidden Stars,

like many of you I really enjoy Forbidden Stars and one of my personal highlights would be an official expansion to this awesome strategy game.

I know chances are low for this to happen right now due to the end of the cooperation between FFG and GW.

So I wrote FFG and GW and told them about it. GW replied, they passed my request to their Development and Marketing.

I'm still waiting for an answer of FFG.

Now, why I am writing all of this?

In my oppinion we might have a chance for this, if we show GW and FFG that most of us would be really interested in buying an official expansion for Forbidden Stars, If GW and FFG notice that it would probably be sold very well, chances might be much higher for an official expansion and a new cooperation than right now.

What do you all think?

I say let's show them that we want it!

Therefore we also started an online petition for an official expansion under this link:

If you think in the same way, sign the petition, write FFG and GW an eMail and write your interest in this thread in hope for the official expansion we wanted. If you are also member in other communities and forums where this could find supporters, please post a similar thread there and post the link within this thread so we have it bundled all here.

Together we may achieve it 🙂