Fighting the horde

By DAB22, in Runebound

So just tried my first attempt at Fighting the Horde (Unbreakable Bonds scenario). I played (both) Lord Hawthorne and Zyla as a party. They were lucky enough to get Coordinated Attack party skill quite early and Lord Hawthorne got some nice gear towards end of Act I thanks to a lot of trading supplies and Zyla's excellent movement. Having read another thread on here about this scenario, I used the tactic of softening up the 2 swarms, by reducing the unit count several times. Even so there was a pretty decent trail of Scorched Earth early in Act II. Fortunately, Lord Hawthorne was strong enough to take out one swarm right at the end of Act I and the other at the start of Act II. So a quick game, partly down to good fortune. But I can't ever see this scenario dragging out, the swarms will make enough Scorched Earth to win quite early in Act II, I reckon. So either you win fast or you lose fast... Not saying that's a bad thing, worth knowing if time is short. Other people have the same experience?

With two heroes that should have been three hordes. There is always one horde, an then one additional horde pr. player. (And when playing with two heroes you should count that as two players.)

That said, we found it fairly easy too. Killed of the hordes early 2nd act as well. (3 players.)