Mind Meld and Battle Robes

By DAB22, in Runebound

Was wondering if Battle Robes can be combined with Mind Meld to do double damage back whenever Master Thorn is dealt damage. I know FAQ have clarified that Mind Meld damage can be doubled by using Inner Fire (triggering the surge ability twice). Battle Robes surge is "Channel: For the rest of this combat round, double all of your (magic damage symbol)" And Master Thorn's surge is "Mind Meld: For the rest of this combat round, after you take damage from an attack, deal an equal amount of (magic damage symbol) damage."

So does Channel refer to all magic damage and therefore doubles effectiveness of Mind Meld, or does it refer only to magic damage tokens ? I think it is the former, which is pretty dope as a combo... And what if you had both Battle Robes AND Inner Fire? Quadruple damage??!?