Where's the expansion?

By LemonyFresh42, in New Angeles


Same question here. The game is outstanding, but FFG seem to abandon it. A simple "more" expansion would be amazing, with new cards (especially investments), corporations etc.

Definitely want an expansion with the 11th district having a role.

It’s an amazing game, my group dubbed it game of the year after one play through and since then it has remained the most wanted for any board game night. Shockingly however it really didn’t get much hype or a particularly great reception and can be found in bargain bins pretty much everywhere pretty much since launch. I wouldn’t hold my breath on ever seeing an expansion unfortunately.

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Aww, man. It was really a game I liked, but I wish there was a bit more to it. It's really one of those games, for which I'd really want to have an expansion. 😕

Yeah, it's a great game. Expansion of this game would be of so fun.

I agree.... it's a great game. But I am afraid New Angeles did not sell very well.

Perhaps an expansion will help its sales....

Easily one of the best FFG games in the lineup. I think its overshadowed by its Android roots, a game world that has always been kind of "nchie". This is one of those games that probability would have done a **** of a lot better with a different theme. I don't know what it is about Android but its just one of those themes that doesn't register with people. In either case I would say this game is in my top 5 of all time, its that good.

It seems to be one of those one time line up games they released every other year back when FFG was still publishing Netrunner. The same question could be asked for Android: Infiltration and Android: Mainframe, and it doesn't look like any of those games are going to get an expansion.

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