Playing the expansion characters

By RabiTampa, in Citadels

I've been playing Citadels, and love the game. I haven't played with the expansion characters or the queens in fear of loss the extremely simple gameplay. what are your experiences with the expansion?

No one has played with the expansion?

The witch sucks and the queen is useless. Otherwise great characters. The Emporer choses someone else to become king in exchange for gold/a card so some people I play with think he enhances the game. Regardless, you can always switch in characters you like and ignore the rest.

And no, it doesn't change difficulty or anything.

I was looking through the DC character and decided to try out something like this:

1. Assassin

2. Thief

3. Wizard

4. Emperor


7. Architect

8. Diplomat

What do ya think?

The wizard is good since he forces players to keep replenishing their hands and I know some people are bothered by having to trade their 5 for none, especially after getting hit by the thief.

If you play with the diplomat I'd recommend using the bishop over the abbot since his protection from the warlord extends to the diplomat and the abbot is just a downgraded merchant or tax collecter.

My group tends to assassinate or steal from the merchant so its not often we play with him but that's just our gaming style I suppose. With 7 I could go either way since the archetect also tends to have a short lifespan.

Huh, I guess I did forget the Bishop. I'll give this a try and post how it went.

Thanks for the feedback.